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Protein Healthmix Sprouted,Instant, 200 g, by Qualified Nutritionist

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~ 100% natural

~Only Pulses, No grains

~No Added Sugar

~ Formulated by Certified Nutritionist

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No Need To Cook ‼️Just Mix ‼️

Protein is a must in any healthy meal plan. Now a days we are not able to meet the protein requirements of our body in our routine meal plan. This Protein Healthmix comes handy and is very tasty and easy (instant) to prepare. It has Only Pulse varieties ( no grains ) that are sprouted and mixed by a Professional Nutritionist in the right ratio to get the maximum benefit. This is 100 % free of sugar, preservatives & chemicals.

How is it different from other protein powders in the market?

The protein powders that are available in the market extract only the protein part of the natural ingredients and that process requires the chemical processing of ingredients to prepare that powder. But in Gowri Shop Protein Mix Powders we use the dhal as such without disturbing their natural nutritional value, hence we are completely, 100 % natural.

This can be used in 2 ways-

  1. For Healthy Weight gain– Take this healthy drink additionally along with your meal.
  2. For Dieting purpose– Skip your meal and have this healthy drink.

Also, Sprouted – shouts out for extra health, extra nutrient value. Yes, this mix is recommended strongly as the healthiest option. We are happy to introduce in our Gowri Shop, this Sprouted Protein mix , formulated by a Qualified Professional Nutritionist.

~Sprouted Ingredients (முளைகட்டியவை)

  1. Green gram (பச்சை பயிறு)
  2. Black gram (கருப்பு உளுந்து)
  3. Chickpeas (சுண்டல்)
  4. Horsegram (கொள்ளு)
  5. Whole roasted gram (முழு பொட்டு கடலை)
  6. Barley (பார்லி)
  7. Badam (பாதாம்)
  8. Cardamom (ஏலக்காய்)
  9. Dry ginger (சுக்கு)
  10. Cashew (முந்திரி)

*No added preservatives, colours, salt/sugar

~What’s so special in this ?

  • No Grains, Only Pulses : High in Protein.
  • Can be used for healthy weight gain & weight loss-diet also.
  • No added sugar/preservative.
  • 100% Natural compared to commercially available protein powders.
  • Sprouted Seperately

Each dhal is Seperately Washed ➡️ Soaked (overnight) ➡️ Sprouted ➡️ Sun dried (moisture-freed) ➡️ Grinded.

  • Sprouted vs Roasted

~ Digestion is easier.

~ Vitamin C is higher which boosts immunity.

~ Fibre content is higher.

  • Dry Ginger & Cardamom gives good flavour & aroma
  • Nutritionist approved recipe

~ Procedure

  • This is an instant mixture. Can be made into cold milkshake (OR)
  • Boil 150 ml of milk. Add 1 tbsp of protein mix. Add sugar/jaggery as per taste & mix well.

~Health Benifits

  • No Grains,Only Pulses – Each grain of this pack is packed with multiple benefits of sprouted multi dhals & is packed with protein.

  • Keeps stomach full for a long time.
  • Increases muscle mass & strength.
  • Good for Bones
  • Reduces cravings for late night-snacking.
  • Boosts metabolism & increases fat burning.
  • Lowers BP.
  • Helps Maintain Weight.

~ Who can use this?

  • All age groups & kids above 1 year.

~ Dishes with the mix

  • Porridge
  • Milkshake
  • Payasam
  • Healthmix Laddu

1 review for Protein Healthmix Sprouted,Instant, 200 g, by Qualified Nutritionist

  1. Dr Kester Fredrick

    Gowri Shop’s Health Mix made of natural ingredients has been a good health drink especially for growing children and diabetics. It can be taken both as a hot drink or cold drink. I as a health professional personally recommend this. I got it for my son and found good results especially in these busy times where children don’t concentrate on food.

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