Sprouted Health Mix, முளைக்கட்டிய சத்துமாவு கஞ்சி, by Certified Nutritionist, 400 g

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~ 100% natural

~ Formulated by Certified Nutritionist

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Sprouted – shouts out for extra health, extra nutrient value. Yes, this mix is recommended strongly as the healthiest option. We are happy to introduce in our Gowri Shop, this Sprout mix , formulated by a certified Professional Nutritionist.

~Sprouted Ingredients (முளைகட்டியவை)

  1. Ragi (ராகி)
  2. Green gram (பச்சை பயிறு)
  3. Black gram (கருப்பு உளுந்து)
  4. Chickpeas (சுண்டல்)
  5. Horsegram (கொள்ளு)
  6. Cowpeas (தட்டை பயிறு)

Other Ingredients (மற்றவை)

  1. Red rice (சிகப்பு அரிசி)
  2. Whole wheat (முழு கோதுமை)
  3. Jowar (சோளம்)
  4. Bajra (கம்பு)
  5. Whole roasted gram (முழு பொட்டு கடலை)
  6. Peanuts (வேர்க்கடலை)
  7. Barley (பார்லி)
  8. Badam (பாதாம்)
  9. Pista (பிஸ்தா)
  10. Cardamom (ஏலக்காய்)
  11. Dry ginger (சுக்கு)
  12. Cashew (முந்திரி)
  13. Sara lentils (சார பருப்பு)

*No added preservatives, colours, salt/sugar

~What’s so special in this ?

  • Sprouted Seperately

Each grain is Seperately Washed ➡️ Soaked (overnight) ➡️ Sprouted ➡️ Sun dried (moisture-freed) ➡️ Grinded.

  • Sprouted vs Roasted

~ Digestion is easier.

~ Vitamin C is higher which boosts immunity.

~ Fibre content is higher.

  • Dry Ginger & Cardamom gives good flavour & aroma
  • Nutritionist approved recipe

~ Procedure

1 tbsp Mix in 1 cup water without any lumps


Cook in Medium Fame for atleast 10 minutes,stir continuously

~Health Benifits

  • 19 Ingredients – Each grain of this pack is packed with multiple benefits of sprouted multi grains.
  • Vitamin C is higher, boosts immunity.
  • Fiber content is higher.

~ Who can use this?

  • All age groups & kids above 1 year.

~ Dishes with the mix

  • Porridge, Kool, Kali, Puttu, Payasam, etc..
  • Chapathi, Dosa, Adai, etc..

Can be mixed with any batter for a healthy ,tasty twist.


3 reviews for Sprouted Health Mix, முளைக்கட்டிய சத்துமாவு கஞ்சி, by Certified Nutritionist, 400 g

  1. Supriya S (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and taste…

  2. Sheema Rajkumar

    Sprouted health mix what I bought from gowri shop tastes good and healthy. I prepared kanchi using this mix for my son by adding little milk. He liked it very much and he is having it daily. Thank’s to gowri shop for making a hygienic healthy pack.

  3. Vasudevan kuppuswamy (verified owner)

    Very good quality healthy mix. I liked and continue to drink daily..

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