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Baking Class – Gowri Cooking Class

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Level : Beginner Level

The most wanted cooking class is here for you hosted by Ms.Meenatchi (an ardent baker with over 13 years of home-baking experience) along with Gowri. A holistic “How to bake” class with over 16 demo recipes, shown from scratch.

Demo Recipes

  1. Classic Vanilla cake with Fondant Icing
  2. Chocolate moist cake with Buttercream icing
  3. Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese icing
  4. Dry Fruits cake with Whipped cream icing
  5. Classic Cupcake
  6. Fresh fruit-sauce infused Cupcake
  7. Marble Cupcake
  8. Custard filled Donut
  9. Cookies & Cream donut
  10. Glazed Donut variations
  11. Brownie
  12. Blondie
  13. Mug cake
  14. No bake Cake (cake made without baking)
  15. Complimentary demo – Oatmeal cookies

All basic types of cakes, ingredients, their mixing ratio & techniques and full fledged demos will be shown. 4 icing methods will be shown with different decoration tools & skills (whipped cream ,butter cream, cream cheese, fondant). Precision is key to bake a good cake and common mistakes and experience of over 13 years will be shared. This class will definitely help the first timers to bake a perfect cake with spectacular taste and ease.

Also the tools (types,availability,brand), ingredients, shortcuts, secret recipes & hacks will be explained in detail. All recipes shown will be provided as printable PDF recipes. The entire class will be recorded and will be uploaded 2 weeks after the class to refer anytime later (lifetime access)

We have formulated the syllabus in such manner, that it gives a confident foundation to baking which will help you not just know the recipes but to bake with expertise. You can formulate your own recipes and variations after this class.

Gowri says , “ We will show you the recipes in a detailed manner. Hacks will be covered to make your cooking look pro after the class. Common mistakes will be pointed out to ensure even your first cooking is seamless & impressive. ‘ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ‘. This is my objective, so we will teach the skill and not just the recipe ”