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Gowri Class – South Indian Batter Types – மாவு வகைகள்

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Level : Beginner Level


  1. Rice variety, Ulundu variety, vendayam, sago, castor seed, grains varieties
  2. Idli-Dosa-Paniyaram from Same Maavu
  3. Idly mavu (Specific)
  4. Dosa mavu (Specific)
  5. Paniyaram Maavu (Specific)
  6. Kanchipuram Idly
  7. Hotel Style Roast Dosa Maavu
  8. Bun Dosa/ Set Dosa
  9. Kushbu Idly
  10. Vendaya idly, dosa
  11. Aappam
  12. Adai
  13. Pesarat
  14. Rava Dosa & Rava Idly
  15. Kaara Dosa
  16. Wheat Dosa – Batter Varieties( Using wheat Flour, Grinding wheat in mixi, Making wheat dosa Flour in mill )
  17. Neer dosai
  18. Vegetable grinded Dosa
  19. Millet idly, Ragi idly
  20. Millet dosa varieties – Chola dosa, Chola Paniyaram Multigrain dosa


  • Measurements, grinding method, cooking method, storage for all batter varieties will be shown.
  • Gowri Hacks( Quick shortcuts ), common mistakes will also be covered in this class.