Sprouted Ragi Flour , முளை கட்டிய ராகி மாவு, by Qualified Nutritionist, 400 g

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~ 100% natural ~ Formulated by Certified Nutritionist

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Wonder grain “Ragi” has multiple health benefits. And that too, sprouted calls for action. We are proud to introduce this product, which is formulated & prepared by Qualified Nutritionist, in our Gowri Shop.


Sprouted Ragi

*No added preservatives, colours, salt/sugar.

~What’s so special in this ?

  • Sprouted

Washed ➡️ Soaked (overnight) ➡️ Sprouted ➡️ Sun dried (moisture-freed) ➡️ Grinded.

  • Sprouted vs Roasted

~ Digestion is easier.

~ Vitamin C is higher which boosts immunity.

~ Fibre content is higher.

  • Nutritionist approved recipe

~ Procedure

1 tbsp Mix in 1 cup water without any lumps


Cook in Medium Fame for atleast 10 minutes,stir continuously

~Health Benefits

  • Calcium Rich
  • Controls Diabetes
  • Vitamin D, good for skin
  • Battles Anemia
  • Helps in Weight loss
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, relaxes the body, insomnia.

~ Who can use this?

  • All age groups & kids above 1 year.

~ Dishes with the mix

  • Porridge, Kool, Kali, Puttu, Payasam, etc..
  • Chapathi, Dosa, Adai, etc..

Can be mixed with any batter for a healthy ,tasty twist.

1 review for Sprouted Ragi Flour , முளை கட்டிய ராகி மாவு, by Qualified Nutritionist, 400 g

  1. Priyadarshini Palanisamy

    Highly recommended, best drink for infants. I give this to my 1yr old daughter and she looks forward for this with cute expressionshowing how much she likes this,😊. With such small kids, this comes handy, you need not spend time and energy in soaking raagi and preparing it every day. All thanks to you mam!!

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