Idly Podi, 100 g


Dhal Powder | Instant side dish/dip for idly, dosa
No Chemicals | No Preservatives | No Colours
Pure & Tasty Blend of Dhals, Red Chilly, Salt, Hing

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This dhal powder is an instant side dish for idly,dosa. Mix with ghee or gingelly oil & dip your idly or dosa for your tasty ,quick meal. Can make delicious podi idly, podi dosa which is a must try with this podi.

Gowri Shop Special Blend of paruppu podi is –

  • free of chemicals, preservatives, colours
  • made with pure & rich tasty blend of ingredients.


  1. Dhals
  2. Red chilly
  3. Salt
  4. Hing

Best before 6 months from date of manufacture.



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