Gowri Class #1 : The Sambar

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Level : Beginner

Live Cooking Class with Gowri

Topic : Sambar

Personal phone call with Gowri & more.. Check description for details

No cancellation. No refunds

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Level : Beginner

Language : Tamil

Live cooking classes with Gowri, herself! Our aim is to make a beginner cook a dish in her kitchen with expertise of her mother / favourite cooking hero.

Gowri says , “ I will show you the recipes in a detailed manner. Hacks will be covered to make your cooking look pro after the class. Common mistakes will be pointed out to ensure even your first cooking is seamless & impressive. ‘ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ‘. This is my objective, so I will teach the skill and not just the recipe ”

After the class, the next day we will have a 1 hour Q & A session with the participants in the time mentioned below.

The participants also get a chance to speak personally with Gowri over 2 phone calls. Details furnished below.

Date & Time : 24-7-2021, Saturday, 1 pm – 4 pm IST (3 hours), can extend maximum upto 2 hours, if need arise

Q & A time : 25-7-2021 , Sunday, 5 pm-6 pm IST (1 hour)

  • Personal phone call

No. of calls : 2

Duration of call : 15 minutes / call

Zoom/Google meet links will be given to your registered mail ID on 23-7-2021 (Friday)

  • Downloadable recipes in PDF format will be sent to your registered mail.
  • No recorded clips / recording allowed.


  • Dhal Varieties
  • Measurements for different sambar & no. of people
  • Dhal cooking-
    • Roasting, soaking, water ratio
    • quick hacks & shortcuts
  • Dhal by products- rasam & plain dhal
  • Types of Sambar
  • Tiffin Sambar varieties
    • One pot One shot Sambar Demo
    • Ratna Café hotel sambar Demo
    • Aracha vitta sambar Demo
  • Lunch Sambar Varieties
    • Sambar with Watery vegetables
    • Sambar with Country Vegetables
    • Multi veg Sambar
    • Rare Sambar
      • Vendhiya keerai sambar demo
    • Sambar Saatham with multi vegetables demo
  • Gowri Hacks
    • Irutha Rasam from sambar
    • Change Tiffin Sambar to Lunch Sambar
  • Sambar Podi
    • Ingredients, measurements & difference between Sambar Podi & Kulambu Podi
    • Sambar podi in mixie demo
    • Bulk Storage tips for long term storage


  • One pot One shot Sambar
  • Ratna Café hotel sambar
  • Aracha vitta sambar
  • Vendhiya keerai sambar
  • Sambar Saatham with multi vegetables
  • Irutha Rasam from sambar
  • Change Tiffin Sambar to Lunch Sambar
  • Sambar podi in mixie
  • Bulk Storage tips for long term storage

No cancellation. No refunds

1 review for Gowri Class #1 : The Sambar


    I have been watching Gowri samayalarai since 3 years and tried many receipes..Cameout very well.Wanted to know all the varieties to make better tastes.

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