Pure Cow’s Ghee | Rasipuram Cow’s Ghee 500 ml | Rs 520


Pure & Fresh

Rasipuram Special Ghee

Only Cow’s ghee

Pooja, Edible, Cooking


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Rasipuram is known for its aromatic top quality Ghee. We have gone all the way to the oldest source in Rasipuram to get the best Ghee for Gowri Shop customers.

This is plain , pure and fresh Cow’s ghee without any mixing. Apt for using in Pooja, Cooking, Medicinal.


Pooja, Cooking, Edible, Medical


  • Very Pure & Fresh (contains only cow’s ghee without any mixing, so can be used for pooja)
  • Aromatic
  • Excellent Taste & Flavor
  • Grainy
  • No Added Colour, Chemicals, Preservative.
  • Expire : 3 Months From Manufacturing Date.


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