Pacha Karpooram, Original Raw Camphor, 50g

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Raw Camphor / Pacha Karpooram, 100 % Original, Excellent Smell, With Airtight Container

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Pacha Karpooram is gaining spotlight these days. It is by science a healthy ingredient, added in food to prevent fungus formation.

Lord Venkatachalapathy in Tirupathi, wears this on his chin, believed to attract positive vibration. This ingredient is key to attract prosperity, wealth where its kept.

I myself, don’t believe in such material aspects, but loved the smell of raw camphor and kept it in my pooja room & hall. That’s the same time I started Gowri Shop & it has been flourishing since then. I keep raw camphor, cloves, cardamom & some fennel seeds in a glass tumbler in living area, pooja room, also in my jewel, cash cupboards.

I’m happy to provide this to my customers in pure quality & at this rate.

1 review for Pacha Karpooram, Original Raw Camphor, 50g

  1. R.Mala Rajasekaran

    Really Very good service to worship of Almighty God Thank you

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