Anti Dandruff Oil Vepalai Oil Cures Dandraff Skin Problems

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Clears all types of dandruff after you complete this 100 ml bottle.

Highlight Ingredient : Vetppalai

For itching, dandruff, dryness, any scalp problem

Secret Formula of age-old Ayurvedic Siddhar

Chemical Free. Pure Herbs Only.

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Clears all types of dandruff @ the end of 1 bottle.

Secret Formula of age-old Ayurvedic Siddhar

Apply on scalp everyday/weekly twice and wash after 2 hours with mild shampoo.

Clears all types of dandruff.

No dandruff after you complete this 100 ml bottle.

Highlight Ingredient : Vetppalai

Healing property,anti inflammatory and parakeratosis property preventing keratinisation of skin. Vetpalai treats psoriasis, to combat dryness and itching ,dandruff and various dermatological disease of scalp.

Other Ingredients:

Keelanelli, Karisalangani, Ponnankanni.Coconut oil

No chemicals. Only Pure Herbs.

Shake Well before each use.
Best before 12 months from date of manufacture.

9 reviews for Anti Dandruff Oil Vepalai Oil Cures Dandraff Skin Problems

  1. Iswarya Raj (verified owner)

    Really good dandruff oil !!! My husband has severe dandruff problem. After using this oil for 15 days, dandruff has reduced a lot. Thanks gowri mam for giving us such magical product. Keep up the quality and try introducing new products !!!

  2. Sundara Gnanasekar (verified owner)

    My daughter had dandruff problem for quite a long time. She has tried many products but nothing worked for her. When I came across your product, I really want to try it for my daughter , so I bought it and within three days of applying she felt drastic change in her scalp itching and hair fall. Im so happy that I’ve bought this and thanks a lot Gowri ma for giving this product and definitely I would recommend others to buy this oil and experience it’s worth.

  3. Meenu

    This oil could be renamed as miracle oil!! It not only cleared dandruff but also stopped hairfall. Could see difference in just 1 wash. 10/10 recommend

  4. Radhi (verified owner)

    This oil really working on too good, it’s gives better results for clearing dandruff and also stopped hairfall; result could be seen on my first wash onwards

  5. M.B.Sankara Logitha.

    The Anti dandruff oil is so good. I will buy for my sister she had many dandruff but after using this oil dandruff reduce a lot.. Thank you so much Mam for giving this product..

  6. Savitha (verified owner)

    I bought both hair oils..dandruff oil is working on my hubbys head with his scalp problems hairs can be seen & everyone should try this..hibiscus oil smells good…works very well if used along with hair pack(weekly once)

  7. SUMATHI BALAKRISHNAN (verified owner)

    I bought this oil for my mother, she was having melasma on both of her hands.
    She was using for past 5 to 6 months.
    But after regular usage 90% of melasma has gone. It works very well against skin issues and for scalp problems.
    I recommend this oil to everyone.
    Must try.

  8. Sumathi Balakrishnan (verified owner)

    Really this is miracle oil only. I tried this dandruff oil without any hope. Nearly 3 – 4 months I used firmly as my regular oil.
    I have some boils on my scalp, it will be itching all the time but after using thus oil that boils got shrieked
    Now it’s very tiny.
    Really it’s worked for me. Must try product.
    Thanks mam for giving us such a geniue product Definitely must try product

  9. Srimathi (verified owner)

    Your anti dandruff oil is very effective. There is good reduction in dandruff

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