Thalampoo Kunkumam & Kuberar Kunkumam


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Thalampoo Kunkumam 20 gm

Green Kunkumam 20 gm

Thalampoo Kunkumam

This is the Original, Maroon color Thalampoo Kunkumam.NO added colors, chemicalsMade using Pure Turmeric, Lemon Juice,Padikaram, Venkaram, Thalampoo

Divine Smell

Good for daily use

For Pooja, Archanai

Very Pure

Non-allergenic. Does not harm skin

Green Kunkumam

  • Turmeric,lemon juice, padikaram are added
  • Harmless green colour.
  • Non allergenic, Does not harm skin.
  • Good for daily use, pooja.


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